I totally understand - but still I would like to thank you for your prompt responses. Also the very fact that I am getting such prompt responses from a bureaucrat is astounding and that too from Kerala is amazing. Sir, I want to tell you that my last media trip to Kerala and interaction with officials such as you has shattered many of my myths about your state (Kerala) and has given me a very promising and wonderful image of Kerala and its officials. I was surprised by the tremendous good work being done in IT Infrastructure in Kerala that many of us in Mumbai and other parts of India are ignorant about.
Technopark is a great place for foreign investors. Once they are informed of the opportunities they can find in "God's own Country" The German Consulate in Bangalore will contribute to promote Technopark in Germany.
The beauty of Kerala and clean work of the Technopark , will give good future for this country.
A truly impressive modern technology experience with a great scope for future cooperation between German States and Kerala. Congratulations
This is an exciting concept in its implementation phase. IT is a crucial element of the future, both in the private sector and as applied to government. If Kerala can marshal its current advantages and market them successfully, the future shall be bright!
Technopark is a trailblazer in the promotional efforts for the Information Technology industry in India.
A commendable effort worth emulating in other parts of the country.
The Technopark campus is amazing. NeST recorded a 300% annual growth rate and in just two years we expanded business across the world.
Technopark was quite beyond my expectations when I first visited the campus on a holiday in Kerala. The Park is so hi-tech, and on-line with the rest the world and the future ... my decision to set up my company here was quite spontaneous.
Technopark with its world-class infrastructure and reliable human resource was just the right place for us.
We had a very efficient start up in Technopark, and the...
A firm at Technopark can channel its entire resources to its field of operation and commence production in minimum time. Technopark not only sustains the units but directly draws the collective effort towards global standards.
An Outstanding facility and wonderful natural surroundings ideal for development of IT in the state. We are happy to be here and making our contribution.
Technopark is an island of excellence in terms of new technology and invention in India - an example to the modern world.
We decided at Technopark as it offered complete facilities, state-of-the-art communications and an inspiring ambience. We were fully operational within six months of our decision. We are delighted to be at Technopark.
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