UST Global does big numbers on expansion plans

UST Global is well known as one of the leading software development companies in Kerala, and more importantly as one of the biggest employers at Technopark Trivandrum. After expanding rapidly over the past few years, UST Global had put in place a roadmap to develop its own Private IT campus to meet the massive requirements of its burgeoning workforce.


Here are some numbers around its upcoming Private IT Campus:

The Government of Kerala had earlier handed over 36 acres of land adjacent to Technopark Trivandrum to UST Global. The first building will have 7,78,257 sq. ft. of built-up area on 6.12 acres of land.

The land provided already enjoys SEZ status. The company has also been accorded the Co-Developer status, meaning it can avail all the government benefits as reserved for the main developers.

“The remaining 29.88 acres of land with US Technology International P Ltd will be developed as second phase” said M Vasudevan, Sr.Manager (Business Development), Technopark Trivandrum.

The campus will be adjacent to the Infosys campus and will form the nucleus of the IT corridor being envisaged by the Business Park Department of IT Kerala. This corridor will enjoy the best telecom and IT infrastructure matching the current state-of-the-art facilities in Technopark Trivandrum.

If you would like to know more about our plans for IT and ITES in Kerala, email us at or call us at 91-484-2415217/18. Kerala IT is a Government of Kerala initiative offering a single window to a world of opportunities to IT companies, professionals, investors, Developers and service providers alike in the State of Kerala.

15 Responses to “UST Global does big numbers on expansion plans”

  1. Ashish John says:

    It is great news that more and more companies are getting attracted to Kerala by the subsidy and SEZ status they enjoy. Government has been so liberal to these companies which is a real good sign of IT development in the state.

  2. UST Global, it is a dream company category for any IT professional. hope it can provide more job opportunities and campus placements thereby helping the society

  3. Rasmi says:

    Indeed UST Global is the largest employment provider in Kerala – IT and we should remember the great visionary the late G A Menon who was instrumental in UST Global coming to Kerala.

  4. Ram says:

    Ofcourse, UST Global has been instrumental in bringing Kerala to the global IT map. Many Fortune 500 CIOs have visited Trivandrum just because UST Global is situated in TECHNOPARK, Trivandrum.

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    Sr. Manager, Business Development, Kerala IT

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